Sunday, 8 December 2013

Abandoned Over 10 years In Jungle? No Problem, Drive It Out

BREAKING NEWS! I must share this incredible true story that is unfolding as I write each word. I have contacted the friendly folks at Earth Lodge and sought their permission to share the story and their photograph. They are gathering more details and putting together a more complete story, so stay tuned for updates.

The following was first shared by Earth Lodge on their Facebook page.

Surely an unusual sight in the wilds of Ulu Muda. This Land Rover was abandoned and left in the jungle for "dead" must be more then 10 years ago.
Everybody thought that was its final resting place, looking at its condition and what was growing on it.
Then, a few months ago, a local villager who bought it somehow brought it back to life and actually drove it out of the forest to the banks of Sungai Muda near Earth Lodge.
With the high water level at the lake they manage to float it out using this home-made bamboo raft! May this lucky Landie live a long life!!

A small plug for Earth Lodge ...
A small Eco Lodge in the middle of the Wilds of Ulu Muda, Kedah, Malaysia. 
Located at Kuala Labua, reached after a 14km by local sampan (boat) ride across Muda Lake and up Muda River. The area has most of Peninsula Malaysia's mega fauna, more than 300 species of birds including all 10 Malaysian Hornbill species.
They have 10 rooms in 5 cabins and 4 dorms all with attached bathrooms with sit toilets. Packages offered include boat transfers, all meals, accommodation, guides and activities.

Earth Lodge is a place to relax while experiencing the tropical rainforest and its wild denizens.

Activities to do while at Earth Lodge apart from just .... taking it easy!

* Watch birds
* Wildlife watching
* Easy 2hr hike through pristine jungle to visit the newly discovered limestone hill and caves
* Visit nearby wildlife salt-licks
* Tubing / rafting slowly down river
* Frolicking in nice cool jungle stream
* Overnight at a wildlife hide
* Nature photography
* Scientific field research