Saturday, 7 December 2013

4X4s To The Rescue!

Ford Ranger to the rescue ... pic and Ranger by Top Gear Malaysia Editor Hezeri Samsuri.

Ready to roll, and row ... preparing to set off from 4X4 Shoppe in Kg Pandan, KL.

THIS will be a post of few words, because each picture is worth thousands. This is a compilation to show the severity of the disaster, and what individuals are doing to help in any way they can.
I am heartened by the Facebook posts of my 4X4 friends in Peninsular Malaysia, many of whom have set aside whatever is important in their daily lives to go help the flood victims of Kuantan and other affected areas along the East Coast.
Thanks in particular to Top Gear Malaysia Editor Hezeri, who is in the thick of the aid efforts with his Ford Ranger, Adnan Abdullah and his Land Rover friends, Mike Kik and his half-dozen Ranger brothers, for permission to repost their photos.
We in the 4X4 fraternity spend much time and money in pursuit of our passion, in upgrading our skills and vehicles to traverse difficult terrain, including water hazards.
Now that the need for these is real and urgent, it is great to know that a flotilla is on the way to render assistance anywhere and any way it is needed. Syabas, everyone!
It must be noted that rallying to the call when help is needed is nothing new for the "serious" 4X4 enthusiasts, with veterans regularly going to render assistance at disaster scenes near and far, within our nation's borders as well as beyond, most recently, at the typhoon-hit Tacloban region of the Philippines. Other notable relief missions were to flood-hit Johor in 2006-7, and after Boxing Day 2004 tsunami devastated Banda Aceh, Sumatra.
What's encouraging now is that there are many new faces, people who have just recently become 4X4 owners themselves, who are volunteering on their own accord. Kudos to them.
Social media has also helped greatly, with personal appeals for food, clothing bedding and other supplies, as well as cash, all being received with overwhelming response from friends, and friends of friends.
It is worth noting that behind each volunteer in a 4X4 are dozens of friends and well-wishers who have generously contributed in cash and/or kind to the relief efforts.

Some photos of the various scenes in Kuantan are from this Facebook page, where there are many more images of the unfloding tragedy.